Blackjack Switch

Another fun and exciting version of Blackjack is a game called Blackjack switch. The game is played very similar to Blackjack but there is a bit of a twist and some fun strategy behind the game. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer but you have two hands to play and can switch the cards depending on how the hands play out. The payouts will differ from casino to casino but are generally the same. You can play Blackjack Switch at any of our supported online casinos stated in our review pages. Keep reading for more information on BJ Switch. Casino - Best Blackjack Casino, Accepts All US Players, $1,000 Sign Up Bonus!

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How To Play Blackjack Switch

BJ Switch begins with a player making two equal bets in the betting circles in front of them. The dealer will then deal all cards to the players included and then to themselves. The dealer if having an ace will check for Blackjack and if they do everyone loses unless you have Blackjack and it becomes a push bet. If they donít have 21 then the game continues.  Now this is where the game becomes very interesting.

The difference is from Blackjack is that the player can now take the second card from each hand and switch it with the other hand. This can potentially make both hands a winner. For example if a player was dealt a five and a seven and the other hand was a four and a six and the seven and the six were both dealt second the player can switch it so that both hands equal eleven. Then a player can double down both hands.

Players can even switch their cards in order to get blackjacks, the only difference is that the hand does not pay out the same as in regular blackjack but is considered a win. See below for our odds and payouts for Blackjack Switch.

Switch Payouts/Odds
Due to the fact that players can switch their cards during play the house does have to have some advantage. For that fact the traditional rules of Blackjack are out the window.

The Dealer's hands are valued at 22 points push with any hand valued at 21 points or under except for natural blackjacks. You can see how the ability to switch cards to make hands valued at 21 points is slightly countered by this rule. Natural blackjacks will still beat a dealer's 22 however.

Other Blackjack Switch Rules

* The dealer has to hit on a soft 17
* Players can double down on any two hands. Split hands can also be doubled down on.
* Hands can be spit up to three times.
* Rules are the same as Blackjack besides our noted differences.