Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Another fun and exciting version of Blackjack is a game called Perfect Pairs. The game is played very similar to Blackjack but there is a bit of a twist and a nice side bet bonus to match. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer but depending on your hand there can be an extra payout. The payouts will differ from casino to casino but are generally the same. You can play Perfect Pairs Blackjack at any of our supported online casinos stated in our review pages. Keep reading for more information on Perfect Pairs. Casino - Best Blackjack Casino, Accepts All US Players, $1,000 Sign Up Bonus!

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How To Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack

When playing online players will find that Perfect Pairs gamins is very user friendly and very easy to follow. Some of the major buttons will appear under you screen for betting and hitting. Some online casinos will not allow insurance for this type of game so you should make note of that.

The best part about Perfect Pairs Blackjack is that players can place an additional bet on the side for each had. If a player is dealt any pair they will win even money on their bet. There are three different types of pairs a player can receive:

  • A Mixed Pair could be two nines or any other number from the four different suits.
  • A Coloured Pair would be two nines, one a club and one a heart.
  • A Perfect Pair would be two nines of the same suit.

The odds of having a matching pair are even lower than winning a blackjack hand, so players will typically bet much less money in this spot. A smart way to wager the Perfect Pair bet would be to bet a dollar per hand but that’s totally up to the players betting strategies

Another benefit of Black Jack PP is that the dealer must hit on a soft 17. For example when a player has a ace card and a six. This increases the chance of the dealer winning the hand.

Another good part about BJ and Perfect Pairs is that the dealer must hit on a soft 17. A soft 17 hand occurs when a player has an Ace and a six. With the dealer having to hit on a soft 17, it slightly increases players’ chances of winning. Remember, this is a slight increase and in most cases, the house always wins.

To play Blackjack Perfect Pairs online, simply click the dollar amount with which you are willing to play. Then you can choose how much cash you want to bet at each hand. As well as the dollar amount you want to bet in the Perfect Pairs circle. At all times players can change the amounts of betting on eachhand or you can simply click on Rebet to match the same bet as before. The amount of your total Rebet will be displayed under the word Rebet, so you know before you click on it to deal. You can also bet up to two hands at the same time.

To play online at anytime you can select one of our most recommended casinos and they will match any deposit with a bonus. Or players can click to play for free. Test your luck today!