Match Play 21 Blackjack

Another variation of Blackjack is a game called Match Play 21 with the difference being that there are only eight decks of cards used for the game. The tens are also removed from each of the decks so that there are now 48 cards per deck. In the game of Match Play 21, dealers are required to hit when they have a hand of a soft seventeen or lower. After each hand the dealer is required to shuffle the cards as in regular Blackjack they dealers play through the cards in the shoe. Casino - Best Blackjack Casino, Accepts All US Players, $1,000 Sign Up Bonus!

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How To Play Match Play 21

Players who play match 21 should follow the optimal chart for strategy and not to follow the regaluar blackjack chart for the most optimal strategy. When playing Match 21 Blackjack here are some tips in order to beat the dealer:

  • Players should split twos and threes when the dealer shows an up card of eight or less.
  • When dealt a pair of 6ís a player should split when the dealer has a a four, five or six.
  • Eights should be split in all cases, except when the dealer is showing an ace.
  • Nines should be split except when the dealer is showing a two, seven , ten or ace.
  • Aces should always be split in the game of Match Play 21.

Now we will give some tips on when players should double down on their hands.

  • When a player is holding a hard nine and the dealer shows a six.
  • When a payer is holding a 10 card and the dealer is showing two through eight.
  • Elevens should always double down.
  • Players soft fifteen can be doubled down if the dealer shows six.
  • Players soft sixteen can be doubled down if the dealer has a five or a six.
  • Player 17 or 18 is doubled down if the dealer has a four, five or six.

Match Play Surrendering
I know no one likes to surrender but there are times in Match 21 that it could be a good idea. A match play 21 player should surrender if they are holding a hard or soft sixteen and the dealer shows an ace. Also, surrendering is the correct action if the player is holding a hard seventeen and the dealer has an ace that is showing.

Match 21 Odds
The following hands will hold a 3:1 payout for players: 3 Seven of Spades, seven cards that equal 21 and a six, seven and eight of spades.

Match 21 Pay Outs
The following are 2:1 payouts for Match 21: three sevens of the same suit, six cards that equal 21 and six, seven eight of the same suit.

The following are 3:2 payouts for Match 21: three sevens, any six, seven eight combo and five cards that total 21.

All other wins are paid 1:1 and a tie is considered a push just like in regular blackjack.

Online Match Play 21
When Playing Match 21 online you will see the game click buttons laid out on the bottom of the screen. Make sure you are careful as there are six different buttons to choose from when betting and making your hand variations. Make sure you are concentrating as you do not want to hit when you should stay. That is one common mistake a lot of players end up making.

Bet amounts vary from hand to hand and most casinos that we promote have a minimum of $1 and a maximum betting button for $100. Whether you play Match 21 at a land casino or online you are sure to have a blast as having all the tens removed from the deck makes things very interesting.

To play today you can click on any of our casino links and play Match 21 for free. Make a deposit and the casinos promoted on these pages will end up giving their players a generous match bonus.