Lucky Ladies Blackjack

Another fun from of Blackjack today at online casinos is the game called Lucky Ladies Blackjack. The game is fairly new and gives the normal game of Blackjack a bit of a fun twist with an additional side bet. The game is played exactly the same as Blackjack with card values and rules. You can play Lucky Ladies Blackjack at any of our recommended sites and get a great casino bonus just for joining up. Casino - Best Blackjack Casino, Accepts All US Players, $1,000 Sign Up Bonus!

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How To Play Lucky Ladies Blackjack

The game of Lucky Ladies offers a less common know bet called Lucky Ladies. What this means is that players have an optional bet where they can bet on getting a total sum of twenty on their first two cards. The pay off for this bet is 4:1 which is a pretty cool add on to your original bet. The payoffs can be even more beneficial if the cards are suited. See below for our payout schedule for most online casinos.

Lucky Ladies Blackjack Payouts
Below you will find a list of some payouts for most land and online casinos. The payouts can be really significant if players were to hit with two Lucky Ladies i.e. Queens of Hearts.

A Queen of Hearts pair with a dealer blackjack: 1000 to 1
A Queen of Hearts pair: 125 to 1
Any Matched 20: 19 to 1
Any Suited 20: 9 to 1
Any 20: 4 to 1

The great thing about these payouts is that imagine if you had a $100 bet on the side bet and got two queens. That world equal out to a payout of $12,500 and if the dealer was to have Blackjack well you would have 100k in the bank. This payout schedule really gives the game of Blackjack a twist and makes the game even more exciting then it already is.

Lucky Ladies Odds
Now that being said the question that most players will ask is: “What is the house edge in a game of Lucky Ladies.” The answer is that it depends on the amount of decks the dealers use in a game. This can vary from casino to casino, online and land. The edge ranges from 16.73% to about 38%.

Where to Play Lucky Ladies
Players looking to play Lucky Ladies in a land based casino will find it pretty hard. As some land casinos do offer it, the game has become very popular online. All of the casinos that our recommended on this site have the game and players can play Lucky Ladies for free to test out their skills. If players wish to make a deposit the casino will end up matching the bet with their online bonus. This means that players can play with some free money which is pretty cool. The bigger the deposit the bigger the bonus players get. Players can check out any of our reviews to see what casino best suits them. All the casinos come very highly recommended and have some great games.